Vegas Goes Green

City of Lights, Las Vegas, Sin City, anything you need to call it, it doesn’t look like the most friendly location. The absolute number of excess that Las Vegas offers, whether it be with booze, gaming, general debauchery, or the absolute quantity of electrical wattage, Las Vegas doesn’t appear to be a spot that would […]

Taj Mahal Casino Shutdown

The Republican nominee in the race for the presidency — who took his Atlantic City casinos four times — minced no words about the shutdown of the gaming hall of Monday. It’s the fifth Atlantic City casino. Trump said both sides should happen to be able to work out a deal. Local 54 of the […]

Brazil: First “institutional token” yields dividends

With the ReitBZ token, the largest investment bank in South America wants to tokenize real estate on the block chain. Dividends in the amount of 87,500 US dollars will allow investors to participate in the increase in value of the real estate without having to buy an entire property. Brazil has always been a great […]

Warning: Fake Wallet in Google’s Play-Store

With fake recipient addresses, the app redirects received currencies. The “Bitcoin Core – BTC Wallet” cheats users out of their received crypto currencies – the money ends up directly with fraudsters. There have been many victims in south america. With BTC becoming more and more popular, also fraud increases. Coin Company experts have discovered a […]

Bitcoin exchange sucks off 900 million dollars

For the first time, the US judiciary provides evidence that the Bitcoin hype may not be right: Billions of dollars in reserves, which serve as collateral for the crypto rates, have apparently been embezzled. BTC is used for a lot of different things nowadays, also for gambling – Every monetary system in the world […]

What You Need To Know About BTC Soccer Betting

Football is by far the most important sport among online bookmakers. In our experience, the round leather dominates every betting program. There are even some providers who concentrate almost exclusively on football. But which bookmaker brings the best football bets to his customers’ screens? We went to the bottom of this question in the following […]

Betchain BTC Casino Experiences

The Casino Betchain has been active in the industry for quite some time and generally enjoys a very good reputation among gamblers. A glance at the casino’s website quickly reveals why this is so. The entire homepage is available in several languages and makes also altogether an attractive and modern impression. In addition, it is […]

Boost Casino Site Traffic With Bitcoin Ad Networks

On this page you’ll find a few options to promote your Bitcoin or ‘earn money’ related bargains and offerings. These advertising websites all just take payments by means of BTC. On a few you may only give them a uniform resource locator, the others you may be needing a banner ad for clicks. I suggest […]

E-Sports Increases Effect On Online Gambling Business

The effect of E-Sports on the internet betting business is getting lots of attention lately. Actually, ESPN is giving much of its own profit on E-Sports activities. A company called Pinnacle, which is providing E-Sports stakes since 2010, handles to achieve over five-million E-Sports gambles in Feb 17. The sportsbook website is calling the amounts […]

Will The Ilse Of Man Become The Bitcoin Island

Bitcoin company founders seeking a favorable authority for his or her company might do well to sattle down on the Isle of Man, the scenic English dependancy situated in the Sea of Ireland. The island’s government continues to be quick to adopt crypto currency businesses, by supplying a a regulatory environment-safe to electronic monies while […]